Friday, 14 February 2014

Laying of Paver Blocks - Guide to Facilities Management Professionals
Project: Laying of Paver Block & Creation of 4-wheeler Parking Space at GK1, New Delhi
We took up the Paver Block Laying Project GK-1 for:
Laying of brick edges for providing support to the edges of the road for to increase the effective life of the Road
With proper slope enabling effective drainage of rain water – which in turn also increase the effective life of the road
To enable proper Road side parking space for vehicles
Creation of new parking space besides SME office and repair of Roads was also included in the Project
Challenges Faced:

1- Major challenge was to provide proper slope to the Road side as the road side level was higher than the road; We had to employ the Road cutting technique for this
2- We were aware of the monsoon season is coming soon and our aim was to complete the same before monsoon; Delay in supply of paver blocks, accidental rains etc. were other minor hiccups

Construction Phase 01: Excavation and Road cutting to provide proper slope for effective drainage

Construction Phase 02: Laying of Roadside Paver block on compacted sand bed & for Designer Paver Block on cement mortar bed

Views after Completion 2 Wheeler Parking: Before & After

In Front of Guest House: Before & After

View of Road: After completion – Pic 01 Pic 02& Pic 03

Car Parked on Roadside on the newly laid paver block
Newly Created 4 - Wheeler Parking for New Building GK I


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